About Us

Since we have started our activities, we specialized in the field of consultation in education. We work  on offering all help and assistance to students who seek to continue their university studies in the  United Kingdom. We on a set of training courses and business solutions to facilitate educational, organizational and administrative needs for students.

We have got some highly qualified consultants with long experience in the field of support and   assistance of students to enable them get admitted to various schools, colleges and universities in various specializations and scientific levels, starting basically from our website as agents for a group of   language schools and universities in the United Kingdom. This in itself can enable us to provide   comprehensive and integrated services to students.



  Our Philosophy

To provide a personalized and efficient service that client’s would recommend to friends.

  Our vision

We seek to be a pioneering institution in educational consulting fields and number one reference for all international students and trainees who desire to pursue their education in the UK completing their academic and professional training.

  Our Services

•We offer all services that help in getting university admission in all levels: PhD, Masters, Bachelor, and Foundation
•Offering help and support in English language and IELTS Exams
•Conducting continuous training sessions and circles to grant students the opportunity to keep up with the latest updates in British universities
•Providing services related to students’ research like: proofreading, page formatting, improving the layout of research papers that can give a greater value to the research project and which can guarantee higher grades.
•Organizing conferences to be in contact with the various educational field components, in addition to informing customers on all updates
•Organizing recreational activities for the benefit of new students to ensure their integration in the new university life.


  Our Strength

Providing an individualized and supportive service for each student and a rapid respond to every application.

  Our Goals

•To grant opportunities for a greater number of international students in order to obtain advanced degrees from prestigious universities
•To provide all possible paths for students in order to spend years studying in the best study conditions
•To reduce faults and problems which contribute to the rejection of students’ requests who wish to complete their studies in the United Kingdom
•To keep up with the beneficiaries by providing ongoing training sessions in the various areas students need throughout their study journeys

  Our Features

• We offer services individually and we deal with each case in proportion with their circumstances and their needs and the requirements of the university the student applied to.

• We are committed to provide the best advice and benefit for clients to suit their desires and their educational needs.

• Quick response to requests; within hours not exceeding 48 hours, benefitting from a professional and experienced staff working in the field.

• We make direct relationships with universities and educational institutions, since we are authorized agents for more than 120 prestigious British university, and more than 50 best institutes of language.

• Our reputation is a true proof of our achievements with both students and enrolling university institutions.