English Schools

UKECI deals with a large number of English language schools in the UK who offers a wide variety of courses to meet the needs of all English as a second language (ESL) speakers. Depending on what areas you need to improve, we will support you in finding the right course and English school.


   General English

Designed to give you English confidence in everyday situations

   English for IELTS Preparation

ELTS exam preparation courses will help you to develop the language and confidence you need to pass your IELTS exam.

   Business English

Focusing on presentation skills, interviews, management and negotiation. These types of courses are often found in private language schools.

   English for Specific Purpose

Improve your English skills to help communicate in unique work related situations. Whether you need to improve for a position in medicine or at a call centre, English for Specific Purpose cater to virtually all areas of work.

   English for Academic Purpose

If you wish to improve upon the skills needed to succeed at a UK university, such as note taking, discussion and academic reading or writing – then an English for Academic Purpose is useful for both prospective undergraduate and postgraduate students.