Digital Design Experience


This practical course will teach you about the development processes and key technical concepts that are used within the gaming and apps industry. Classes are very hands-on; you will use our stateof-the-art Mac lab to create your own apps and computer games, gaining a full understanding of the techniques used.  This course is ideal for anyone with an interest in the industry, whether you want to progress onto more complex software development or simply learn the basics of an increasingly useful skill. Previous programming experience is not required.


Course modules

– Introduction to Adobe Flash – Introduction to Game Maker

– Game Development

– App Development


Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding of Adobe Flash
  • Ability to use Flash tools for game construction
  • Ability to make a Flash game
  • Understanding of Game Maker
  • Ability to use Game Maker tools for game construction
  • Ability to develop a game with Game Maker
  • Ability to create mobile apps


Students will create

– An Avatar Interface Game,  a Treasure Hunt Game, or a Picture  Puzzle Game using Adobe Flash

– An adventure game using Game Maker

– A biography app – A city tour app